Young woman with grey top running a hand through her brown hair
January 10, 2024

Why Choose a Topper?

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What exactly is a topper, and why did I introduce them to our clients? Think of it as the offspring if a wig and hair extensions had a baby! Toppers offer an ideal fix for achieving thicker, more natural-looking hair.

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January 10, 2024

The Path to Cloud 9’s New Building

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In 2018, while leaving Marty B’s, a well-known restaurant in Bartonville, Texas, my husband and I passed an undeveloped stretch of land along Hwy 407. We mused about how beautiful Cloud 9 would look there. At that time, our location in Flower Mound was becoming increasingly obscured by other businesses.

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Young woman touching the skin on her face while smiling
May 17, 2021

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Author : , Category : Skin Care

Microdermabrasion is still one of the best ways to get a noninvasive professional exfoliating treatment. As well as clearing away the dead skin cells, microdermabrasion also has other advantages.⠀⠀⠀

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Young woman with orange highlights flipping her hair forward
April 22, 2021

Balayage vs. Highlights What’s the Difference?

Author : , Category : Hair Styles

Bailyaege. Boleyage. Booleyage. Tomayto. Tomahto. If you can’t pronounce the popular hair color technique balayage, then welcome to the club. Still, more difficult than hair color linguistics is knowing the difference between the hottest hair color techniques. Balayage, highlights, baby lights, lowlights—it’s a lot to process. But worry not—at your next salon appointment you’ll be […]

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Woman splashing water on her face
April 1, 2021

What’s the big deal about washing your face at night?

Author : , Category : Health & Beauty

Why Should You Wash Your Face At Night? Washing your face at night not only removes makeup but also helps to remove the dirt and sweat that accumulates throughout the day. If makeup is left on, it can get trapped in the pores and create bigger issues including stretching pores, rashes can appear, acne and […]

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Woman with body scrub on her face and holding an orange slice to cover one eye and a clock timer to cover to other
March 12, 2021

The benefits of body scrub 

Author : , Category : Health & Beauty

Need a good scrub down? While we know that facial exfoliation is part of our daily beauty routine, a body scrub provides a variety of benefits. From helping our moisturizer absorb better, to increased relaxation, incorporating a grainy friend into your spa treatment could be the best kept secret. What is a Body Scrub? Body […]

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