The Path to Cloud 9’s New Building


Where there is a will, there is a way! Sometimes, the journey proves slower or more challenging than envisioned, yet ultimately, the timing falls into perfect alignment.

In 2018, while leaving Marty B’s, a well-known restaurant in Bartonville, Texas, my husband and I passed an undeveloped stretch of land along Hwy 407. We mused about how beautiful Cloud 9 would look there. At that time, our location in Flower Mound was becoming increasingly obscured by other businesses. Witnessing the growth west of Flower Mound, stretching beyond I-35W, we envisioned immense potential for our business to relocate westward, reaching residents of Robson Ranch, Harvest, and Pecan Square while remaining close to Flower Mound, Highland Village, and Lantana. The prospect of moving alongside commercial and residential expansion sounded both thrilling and adventurous!

We immediately inquired about the status of the land, only to find it wasn’t for sale. Undeterred, we persisted in our pursuit and eventually acquired the 1-acre tract.

The next phase of our journey involved selling our existing building in Flower Mound and informing our skilled and devoted team. Their enthusiasm and steadfast loyalty reaffirmed the significance of the relocation for us. We finally sold the building during the pandemic in 2020. Once the buyers financing was complete, they needed the space quickly which prompted us to find a temporary space while we constructed our new home.

We secured a location for our team in a pop-up spot down the road in Lantana. Despite its limited space and imperfections, we made it work. Suggestions advised us to wait a year, allowing the supply chain issues and costs to stabilize. Though this delay was frustrating, in retrospect, it likely saved us substantial amounts of money and proved a wise decision.

Finally, in January 2023, we broke ground on our 15,000 square feet building. With the delays preceding this milestone, we had ample time to craft the ideal space for Cloud 9 and incorporate additional areas for lease.

The building boasts a Warehouse glam style, a stunning design that delights us. Our choice of builder, PGP Construction, proved to be perfect, and our design team, Apogee Architectural Partners, and decorator, Allison Fifer, exceeded our wildest expectations.


Cloud 9 Salon and Spa distinguishes itself for stylists and spa professionals by providing unique amenities like housekeeping, front desk staff, and community involvement. For clients, it stands out due to its charitable endeavors, talented professionals, and the array of hair, nail, and spa services it offers.

“We’re incredibly excited it’s been quite the journey, taking much longer than anticipated, but we firmly believe it’s all worth it.”

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