Why Choose a Topper?

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What exactly is a topper, and why did I introduce them to our clients? Think of it as the offspring if a wig and hair extensions had a baby! Toppers offer an ideal fix for achieving thicker, more natural-looking hair. Whether you’re dealing with hair loss, thinning strands, naturally fine hair, unkempt hair, or visible roots, a topper becomes your go-to solution. Moreover, toppers are non-damaging and adept at concealing thinning at the crown and around the face, two common areas of concern for many women.

I had a wonderful long-term client who faced a serious illness that caused a significant loss of hair during her recovery. It deeply bothered her, prompting her to seek a remedy. However, she didn’t require a full wig, and traditional extensions wouldn’t sufficiently cover the thinning on the top and sides. That’s when a topper emerged as the perfect answer to her concerns.

It was crucial for us to opt for human hair. I was keen on representing a brand that offered top-notch quality, excellent customer service, and a wide range of colors and styles. After thorough research, I decided on Top Secret Haircessory as they checked all the necessary boxes.

Dispelling a few myths about toppers:
It won’t be comfortable: FALSE
A good topper is lightweight and features clips that are secure yet gentle on your natural hair.
It won’t look natural: FALSE
When the color is expertly customized for you and the right topper style is chosen, the result is remarkably natural-looking.
It will be hard to maintain: FALSE
Most of my clients who wear their topper daily only need to shampoo, condition, and style it once a month. Many even bring their topper to their scheduled appointments for this service.

Arrange an in-person consultation or even a Facetime call so that we can accurately determine the ideal topper for you. Cloud 9 Salon & Spa is thrilled to collaborate with you in finding your perfect topper match.

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