What’s the big deal about washing your face at night?

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Why Should You Wash Your Face At Night?

Washing your face at night not only removes makeup but also helps to remove the dirt and sweat that accumulates throughout the day. If makeup is left on, it can get trapped in the pores and create bigger issues including stretching pores, rashes can appear, acne and irritation may also present themselves. Nighttime is the most important time of the day for the skin. At night, the skin naturally sheds dead cells to help exfoliate. Not allowing this process to happen with clean skin can lead to a dull, flaky appearance and can even allow your skin to become uneven in tone.  Proper skin care helps prevent those dreaded wrinkles.   Your lovely face is exposed to the free radicals in the environment day in and day out and makeup tends to be a magnet for them to stick to. These can breakdown our healthy collagen and slow down collagen production, eventually leading to fine lines and wrinkles.⠀

Creamy cleansers tend to work well to remove makeup and are a great 1st cleanse.  A great way to stimulate the facial muscles is to cleanse your skin for a full 60 seconds. At first, it might seem like a long time but keep it up and you will begin to notice positive results.  The 1st cleanse is a surface cleanse and should be followed by a cleanser that is used to specifically treat your individual concerns beyond the surface.  Hyperpigmentation, dryness, excess oiliness, breakout, fine lines…you get the picture.  That 2nd cleanse is more of a treatment that plays a role in targeting and treating specific elements for the overall care of what everyone sees first.

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