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Uncertain times call for living life uniquely.  As our democracy rolls into a new era, the changing of seasons brings a cool chill to the air, and life as we know it continues to present new adventures and challenges, Cloud 9 Charities stands firm in its mission.

Since its inception in 2004, Cloud 9 Charities, Inc. has hosted numerous awareness and successful fundraising events to address a multitude of needs throughout our local community.  Through these efforts, the charity has raised approximately $3 Million which has been donated to several other non-profit organizations that share its mission.  Cloud 9 Charities is an organization of local leaders and business owners with a passion for giving back to this community and working to make it a better place in which to live for all of us.  After seeing a stirring episode of 60 Minutes which featured a father with two school-age daughters living out of their van and bathing daily at a local gas station restroom all while trying to maintain solid grades at school and a job, Cloud 9 Charities Founder, Kim Cloud-Skidmore, knew she had to laser-focus the efforts of the charity’s board to a unique niche of homeless families in Denton County.  Quickly discovering that the Lewisville ISD had over 300 homeless students of its own, mostly from single-parent homes, the board knew it needed to create a non-profit initiative to address this growing population.

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Beginning in 2019, Cloud 9 Charities changed its focus from redirecting funds to a multitude of non-profits to solely supporting its own initiative, Bedtime Rescue (BTR).  Bedtime Rescue, launched in January of last year, is an ongoing program that was created to provide temporary housing for homeless families within our local community.  This program brings relief to families and single parents so they can get back on their feet, connect with appropriate resources and make long-term plans for a healthy, successful future.  This initiative has established relationships with local hotels in order to provide shelter for those affected by crisis or abrupt homelessness.  Bedtime Rescue, through fundraising efforts, provides the monies to cover the hotel expenses for those it assists.  Funds are raised through private donations and two annual events – its Annual “Giving & Golf Tournament” held each Spring and its largest event “The Best Little BrewFest in Texas” each October.  Both these events are unique in that 100% of all proceeds go directly to funding Bedtime Rescue.  This year’s BrewFest has a new twist due to Texas Social Distancing Guidelines as the festival draws nearly 3,500 attendees and volunteers combined.

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As of January last year, Bedtime Rescue has provided over 2,800 nights of shelter for families throughout Denton County.  In 2020 thus far, Cloud 9 Charities’ Bedtime Rescue has assisted 96 families and continues its efforts with the challenge of COVID-19 pressing down on so many.  Today, Bedtime Rescue’s statistics show an increase of 401% in homeless families needing assistance this year.

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What is your mission?  Together, we can build a community where everyone has the safety, warmth, and shelter they deserve.  Join Cloud 9 Charities and Bedtime Rescue in making a difference in our local community — be a sponsor, join the board, volunteer, make a donation, change your charity of choice at the grocery store and online shopping outlets…even for a day!

As we roll into the holidays, join Cloud 9 Charities and Do Life on Mission.  Support Bedtime Rescue in its efforts of providing safety, warmth, and shelter one family at a time.  For more information, go to or follow the charity on social media.

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